Rijeka Vittoria Bagnata!

lunedì 27 giugno 2016· ECC
Emozioni a non finire!!

Volevo scrivere questo primo report della LP Racing a ‘caldo´ dopo essermi svegliato a Trieste dove ho dormito dopo la gara.

Sono in sala d´attesa del mio volo, che e´ come quello all´andata in ritardo, e ne approfitto per descrivere quello che e´ stato per me un week end perfetto nel suo epilogo.

Dopo aver passato giorni insonni perche´ dover gestire un team, persone, ricambi, rilazi, Assicurazine Kasco, logistica, piloti, contratti non e´ affatto facile.
Questo lo e´ stato di piu´...
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ECC Imola e Preview Misano

mercoledì 4 maggio 2016· ECC
Cari Amici ed Amiche, vi scrivo per raccontarvi del primo week end da Pilota e da team Manager, un´esperienza unica, impegnativa ma principalmente molto emozionante.

L´aver scelto di intraprendere questo percorso, in parallelo con quello di Pilota, nasce dal mio desiderio di mettersi sempre in discussione e dalla volontà di cercare di offrire un servizio al top ai miei piloti. Un servizio da team di alto livello ad una frazione del costo.

Cercare di guidare e andare forte dovendo gestire i piloti, meccanici, Ing. , fornitori, organizzatori, gestione della...
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Soon to be launched!

giovedì 22 ottobre 2015· ECC

Mugello ECC by Peroni

venerdì 2 ottobre 2015· ECC
4 Gara, Mugello

La penultima gara della stagione si e´ svolta nella splendida cornice di Barberino del Mugello dove sorge forse il più bell´impianto Automobilistico Italiano, il Mugello di proprietà della Ferrari.

Il team Emotion schierava per questa gara Luca Pirri e Davide Amaduzzi senza terzo pilota per poter puntare sulle performance dei due piloti di punta perche questa gara era molto importante per il ‘titolo´ ECC classe Prototipi.

La concorrenza era composta da Ivan Bellarosa che guidava da solo la Wolf di punta del team Avelon, fresco...
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Misano report

martedì 16 giugno 2015· ECC
Nella gara del giro di boa della stagione il team Emotion Motorsport ha schierato per la 3za volta in 3 gare un nuovo equipaggio con Paolo Collivadino, Ortopedico Milanese, che si e´ aggiunto a Luca e Davide.

La Wolf #11 a Misano presentava due nolder per incrementare il carico aerodinamico sull´anteriore che in circuito medio veloce come Misano e´ un´aspetto fondamentale anche perche la Wolf #46 del team Avelon diretto concorrente della #11 oltre al cambio elettroattuato al volante ha anche una configurazione aerodinamica con molto piu carico, cosa che anche...
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Monza report

domenica 24 maggio 2015· ECC
Per la gara nel tempio della veloctia´ il team Emotion Motorsport aggiungeva alla line up Sean Hudsphet , giovane 20´enne di Singapore, pilota con esperienza di Formula, corre infatti nella Formula Masters in Asia e con un podio nell´Asian Le Mans Series nel 2014 fatto al volante di una Wolf Gbo08 simile a quella di Monza.

Le prime prove libere sono state compromesse da dei rapporti sbagliati al cambio e da una rottura dello stesso che ha causato un testa coda alla variante Ascari mentre Davide Amaduzzi era al volante. Il testa coda ha danneggiato il fondo e...
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Imola report

domenica 12 aprile 2015· ECC
La prima gara della serie di Peroni ha visto il team Emotion Motorsport schierare un equipaggio al top per la macchina n11 avendo ingaggiato oltre ai piloti ufficiali Luca Pirri e Davide Amaduzzi anche David Fumanelli, giovane promessa dell´automobilismo tricolore con passati in GP3 e in BMW Motorsport nel Blancapain.

Le prime prove libere sono state non poco travagliate per prendere i riferimenti di set up della macchina ma le qualifiche hanno poi dato degli ottimi riscontri con Fumanelli che stampava un´ottimo secondo tempo assoluto guadagnando la prima...
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Brands Hatch Nascar Whelen Report

lunedì 9 giugno 2014· Nascar Whelen
I have mixed feelings on the past week end as after not starting any of the 2 races in Valencia
Where I qualified 4th I had high expectations for this week end where I was to debout with team CAAL car n.25.
The week end started with a good weather forecast for UK and that was good news as 26 cars in a 1.9Km circuit racing under the rain was going to be mayem.
We struggled in free practice friday with understeer, I told myself that it could be old tires and despite that I was upbeat for a good Qualy on Saturday. When I got to the circuit Saturday I discovered that we had been...
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I am super thrilled to announce to have signed with MAX PAPIS RACING to compete in the first two week ends of the Nascar Whelen Euro Series where I will compete in the OPEN Class.

I have been in talks for more than a year to go and test in the USA in the K&N Nascar Series so when I had the opportunity to race in the Nascar series back here in Europe I did not think twice.

The cars are all a V8 5.2 Lt engines with a output of 400HP in a 1200Kg chassis with a H 4 gearbox and no electronics birnig the driving back to the roots.

Is going to be a steep learning process...
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2014 The year of the Horse

sabato 8 febbraio 2014· Nascar Whelen
The Chinese year of the Horse has Begun and given it's symbol of nobility, class, speed and perseverance, I definitely feel is going to be a good year !

Last year in the only problem free qualifying I managed in September to put the Radical Sr8 on pole position and despite missing a few races I finished the Asian Supercar Series as a overall 3rd.

This year I hope to be able to race a full season Championship in order to give continuity to my results and see where I can get to at the end of the season.

I will disclose my plans within a few weeks but I can anticipate...
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Dear Friends here we go with an update on a great week end that took place on the 28th-30th of June at the SEPANG INTERNATIONAL CIRCUIT where I was invited by NOEL BECKER to share the wheel of his Radical SR8 with a 3.0Lt engine, a beast of 480HP / 770Kg.

I had never driven a Radical before and apart form a brief test with Noel's Lambo a few years ago I had never raced in Sepang circuit and I came from the longest inactivity period in my career.

The Car was amazing and I immediatley loved it's lightweight chassis and it's great torque and it's user friendliness given it's...
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Dear Friends,

I am back after a few sabbatical months from my last race in Silverstone where with the Ferrari 458 GT3 of team Mtech. I managed to do a very good Qualifying that placed me in provisory Pole. I than decided to save the tires and did not go for other laps making me slide down to 6th on gird 1 second off Federico Leo's pole.

No need to mention my disappointment for not having been more on track to try and improve my time but the beauty of racing is made of it's Intensity and one wrong decision often costs more than you can think of.

Anyhow the races...
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After almost one month from the disastrous Portimao week end Luca Pirri and his team mate Paul Rees are heading with all the Mtech team to Silverstone looking for a solid result after the terrible Portimao week end.

The circuit is the home circuit to the team and to Paul and is well known to Luca as he has raced there in Fia Gt3, Fia G1 and last September with the Lola Lmp2 prototype in the LMS class.

A few comments on the new teammate and expectation for the very tough season that is taking place this year in the FIA Gt3 where we have drivers coming from all kind of...
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Going for the year of the RABBIT

martedì 1 febbraio 2011·
Gong Xi fa Cai ( Happy new Year!)

Luca has been training for the upcoming season in Barbados and has some time off the track to enjoy the sea and his Surfing and Kite Surfing activities.

It was great for his phisical training and he is now ready to fight for a new challenge with a new team that will be discolosed in the next weeks.

He is confident that this year will bring great result to himself and to his sponsors as last year due to a number to unfortunate coincidences he had not the chance to obtain the deserved results.

Hope you will follow the 2011 ...
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First Finish for CEAM Backed Racing Box car N29

domenica 22 agosto 2010· Le Mans Series
Sunday the 22nd of August signed the first result of the 2010 Le Mans Series for Luca Pirri at the wheel of racing box Lola/Judd.

The very tight schedule, due to the Hungarian National day, meant more than ever that everything had to work perfectly in order to maximize the result, and to be honest it did.

Everything, from Mechanics, drivers, tires and engineers did an excellent job and a better result was not possible only due to the difference of means of the Lola/Judd and the leading cars.

The free practice and Qualifying saw 39 cars, 14 of wich where LMP2 cars...
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Budapest LMS 3rd Race 22nd August preview

venerdì 20 agosto 2010· Le Mans Series
After a very long forced break since Le Mans 24hrs of the 13th of June, Luca will be back at the wheel of the Lola/Judd of Racing box in Budapest this coming week end.

The team has renewed his agreement with Pirelli that will be offering the tires after being fresh from the F1 Deal, we all are very optimistic that the products will be very competitive for the next season thanks to the F1 testing experience.

Budapest is new circuit for Luca and from what it seems it should be very phisycal and for this Luca has been first traiing in Oman surfing and than Biking at 2000mt...
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24hr of Le Mans

lunedì 14 giugno 2010· Le Mans Series
This week has been the pinnacle of my career as a driver for crowning my dream of participating to the 24hr of Le Mans driving along my idols and driving in one track that is close to nothing I have tried before for its intensity beauty and for its many dangers.

Having had the chance to race in the Le Mans 24hr with a Prototype LMP2 makes the event even more intense as this are the cars that made this race legendary and driving in the night in Qualifying at more than 300kmh in the hunadiers straight that is a public road with bumps and where the car moves from one side to another and...
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SPA-Ventosa! Big Crash in SPA

domenica 9 maggio 2010· Le Mans Series
After a very good qualifying and a confident warm up car N29 of Luca Pirri and Filippo Francioni was set for a very good race.

But luck and weather where not on the Italian side as few minutes before the race start, just like last semptember in Paul Ricard, a light rain went to wet the track and to create really tricky conditions for the drivers.

Already on the formation lap one Audi and one Pegeaut spun, with the Audi having to go to the pits for repair, this should have told the race director that the conditions where yet not ideal for a start, but his mind probably was...
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The Heat is on in SPA

sabato 8 maggio 2010· Le Mans Series
After day 1 and 2 of the SPA week end, the CEAM backed car n29 scored an excellent 5th position in LMP2 class in qualifying.

It was the first week end of the Racing Box drivers and engineers to work with Dunlup tires and there was a big work on the set up that is bringing good results.

Friday was also Luca's debut on the Ardennes mythical track and was a pretty good one as he was the fastest of the Racing Box drivers in both cars N29 and N30.
Race in the Le Mans Series 2nd leg in the very famous and favorite track of most of F1 drivers due to the very fast and...
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Paul Ricard

domenica 11 aprile 2010· Le Mans Series
The past week end was Luca's first ever Le Mans Series appearance and the expectation from the Italian fast boy where very high due to the speed
Proved during the practice sessions in March.

Luca was very fast to get used to the car and the different driving style compared to the GT due to the Carbon brakes and the very high down force of the car but the luck had other plans as apart from a non competitive package of tires ( Pirelli) and engine, the race where Marco Cioci and Perazzini tried to gain the best of what they had gaining a solid 4th position half way through the...
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Paul Ricard First Outing

martedì 9 marzo 2010· Le Mans Series
Luca was in Paul Ricard for the first collective testing on the French Circuit of Paul Ricard where he worked with his team mates Cioci and Perazzioni on the set up of the car for the race of the 9th and 10th of April.

Pirelli tyres had the soft compound and will bring the super soft for the race and this justifies the gap to the first cars.

It has to be said that the Acura and Ginetta where way ahead of the competition but Racing box boys wll try their best to close the gap before the first race.,

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2010 Season Preview

giovedì 29 ottobre 2009· Others
The 2010 Season is going to be a very important test in Luca's career as he will race in the Le Mans Series, team and line up to be soon announced and in the most prestigious and toughest race in the world the 24hr of LE MANS.

In order to arrive In the best shape and in the best conditions to this very challenging events Luca is trying thanks to the backing of some new very important sponsors to participate for his 2nd time to the 24hr of Daytona to be held in the Daytona International Speedway on the 31st of January 2010.

Right now Luca is training and recovering from the...
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Where from the week end the can N17 of Luca and Diego seemed to be able to fight like in Portimao for the victory being always in the top 5 in free practice.

Unfotrunatley Luca found a Audi of La Marca in his fast lap and lost more than 1 sec. in the third intermediate, and could not sign the time he would have deserved, he tried to improve at the end of the session but he braked too late at the long harpin ending large in the track margin loosing his chances on a top qualifying.

Diego, who drove for more time had more luck in qualifying and managed to do 4 fast laps in a...
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A Masterpiece of driving in Portugal

venerdì 11 settembre 2009· FIA GT3
Amazing, Impressive, Outstanding and truly spectacular are some of the adjectives that come in my mind when thinking of last week end race of Luca and his teammate Diego Alessi.
The Italian duo, went to the challenging new track in the south of Portugal with a desire of revenge for all the unfair penalties they have received this year from the FIA Commission, making it impossible for them to obtain significant results.
Portimao was a different story, despite the gap between the Zo6R Corvette and the others is still there, the technical track and the amazing speed of the duo made this...
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Sepang Asia Gt3 Lamborghini Gallardo

mercoledì 10 giugno 2009· FIA GT3
Luca went to Sepang last week to coach HK resident driver Noel Beker, it was the first time that for him to train a driver in a race event and it was a very testing and rewarding experience.

The idea was to do a couple of laps in the 2 seated San'Agata beast showing Noel the lines and braking points and than have him drive stints of 4-5 laps with Luca in the car trying to point out where and how to improve.

After each session there was data acquisition work with the Engineer from Reiter Paul and the laps of Noel where analyzed making a comparison with Luca's in order to see...
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venerdì 22 maggio 2009· FIA GT3
I will not go to any details of the race week end as what was already clear in Silverstone assumed the form of a real insult in Adria.

We made clear our car was way off the pace in Silverstone with tires that could not last 1hr race , while other cars with hard compound tires had no wear and could do the best laps at end of race, see Audi r8 in Silverstone.

We arrived in Adria asking for new tires and help from FIA and as a funny joke of destiny we got extra 20Kg!! We where supposed to lose weight and we got more.. no words for that and as expected not only we did not get...
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Silverstone Race Report

domenica 3 maggio 2009· FIA GT3
The 2009 started in the lovley Silverstone Circuit, luckily this year the weather was good and sunny allowing the Corvette Italian duo Pirri and Alessi to drive problem free for the week end.

In Qualifying 1 Luca despite his injured arm was in Pole for the first part of session but than a Aston Martin of team Brixia held him down in his good lap that would have allowed him a 3rd place in the grid, that considering his health situation and the no pre season testing would have been a very good result.

In Qualifying 2 Diego Alessi flew in the Silverstone Circuit impressing...
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Daytona Rolex 24hr Race Report

domenica 25 gennaio 2009· Others
Free Practice and Qualifying

The Ferrari 430 N52 of the Cost to Costa team showed great potential in the free practice and despite a big gap in organization of the team that forced the N52 out of the 1st Hr of free practice and had problems completing the other free practice on time the drivers where able with the little time in the car to show a top peace that reached it apex with the last free practice before qualifying where Christain Montanari topped the charts with a 2nd overall time which left the team confident for qualifying.
In the night compulsory practice Luca despite...
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Daytona test

lunedì 12 gennaio 2009· Others
The test days that are the prelude of the 24hr of the 24th of Jan went well for Team Mastercar, where 6 drivers took turns of the wheel of the Ferrari 430; Max Papis, Costantino Bertuzzi, Luca Pirri and Nathan where driving for the line up of car 52, while Cesar Campanico, Luca Drudi and Christian Montanari where there for car 58.

The car showed great top end speed and handling but still needs to find a good setup to keep the peace of the Mazda and the Porsches.

The team is now working on the car in order to have the New N52 shipped to the Usa just in time for the...
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Nogaro Preview

domenica 28 settembre 2008· FIA GT3
Brno was less than a defeat for Luca and Jourgen as they where expecting that race as a turning point on a season where things did not go as expected but unfortunatley things happpend to go worst.

After an excellent free practice where the strong duo managed with the old tires to obtain the 5th time ( consider that last year Luca in free practice was only 18th and than in qualifying thanks to the set up and new tires started from first row) that would have meant that in qualifying the chanches of a double pole position where far from remote.
But a bad fitting of the new engine...
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venerdì 18 luglio 2008· FIA GT3
Finally after the first 2 unfruitfull races of Silverstone and Monza Luca and Jourgen where back on track with a result that opens the season for them.

After a very tough friday where Luca crashed the 19 matech gt40 into the barriers in the triple left corner the mechanics made an amazing job rebuilding the car in the nigth working from 1600 to 730 am non stop and allowing the Italo German couple to take part in qualifying.

Unfortunatley Luca damaged the break cooling sistem in the accident and the brakes where not so performing in qualifing therfore both Luca and Jourgen...
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Oschersleben preview

giovedì 26 giugno 2008· FIA GT3
One Week to go before Luca will be again at the wheek of the Matech run Ford Gt40.
Next week race is going to be probably the toughtest of the season in terms of pressure for Luca, as untill now he is the only driver not to have won yet a race with the Ford Gt40 and the FIA due to the performances of the car decided to add another 70kg of ballast to the car, that has not been tested in this new configuration.

Oschesleben happens to be slow and with many chages of directions and accelerations and this extra weight will strongly limit the chances for a succes, but for this week end...
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mercoledì 14 maggio 2008· FIA GT3
This week end will despite being scheduled as the 3rd and 4th round of the FIA GT3 Championship, Luca will finally start his real Championship as the 1st and 2nd event in Silverstone his car was finished only the day earlier and it was not in the conditions to be competitive.
Team Matech despite the great efforts placed was not able to offer a competitive package to Luca and Jourgen. This week end the Ford Gt40 N19 should ready to fight for what she is there, the victory!

Today Jourgen Von Gartzen did a brief shake down of the car in an airport slip and said that the car had...
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POLE POSTION and VICTORY and FIA Gt3 Team Champions Title

mercoledì 28 novembre 2007· FIA GT3
Luca arrived in Dubai ready to fight for the title and so he did. After a good free practice he went confident that on qualifying he could push thanks to a good set up and new tires in order to start in a good position and so he did: POLE POSTION!

Amazing most of the crowd and also his same team he scored his second pole of the season and hi 3rd first row start out of 5 races, he is the only one out of 90 drivers of the FIA Gt3 that in 2007 managed such a result.

Race 1

Confident of his speed and of the car Luca started from Pole, he immediately had a contact with...
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mercoledì 7 novembre 2007· FIA GT3
Finally we have arrived to the last 2 races of the season where the 2007 FIA Gt3 Champion will be crownd, Luca will have to use his speed and experience to fill the 8 points gap to the leading couple.

There are 20 points available and Luca needs to gain 9 points from the leaders to become Champion.

Will he make it....!? Let's wait and see but for now, may the best win.

'I am very confident for the race as I won in Dubai last year, and I have been training hard for this event, unfortunatley unlike my competitors I did not race nor drive since my victorious event in...
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One, two in Brno and the gap is now reduced to 8 points
Last week end was another great proof talent shown by Teutonic-Sicilian couple at the wheel of the Corvette Zo6 of Martini Callaway.

After that the car was rebuild during the summer, Friday session was most of a shake down as neither of the two drivers had the chance to test nor drive since Monza. After a few changes in the set up with not mutch data available Luca and Jourgen went to face the qualifying session where Luca obtained another first row after the one in monza, with an impressive lap that considering the tough...
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10 Days to Brno

giovedì 13 settembre 2007· FIA GT3
Few days are left before the race in Brno, where the Championship will have it's higher peak of tension as Luca togheter with Jourgen have to try to regain as many points as possible of the leading cuple of Moser-Vannelet that are now leading with 15 points advantage.

As this would not be enougth thrill, in August Luca's car that did not ever have any kind of collision, was serverly damaged in a accident happend in the ADAC cup whem swill driver Toni Seiler was at the wheel, the team is making a tremendous effort to put the car in the same conditions as before but this will only be...
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martedì 26 giugno 2007· Others
After 14 years Luca finally came back to his hometrack in the best way, by scoring an outstanding POLE POSITION in front of 40 cars, really an unsepected result that is the prize for long desired and probably also deserved result.

In Race one after a little contact with an Aston Martin, Luca lost the leadership and had to fight back from 6th position, there was a frantic first laps and the competition was extremly tought, but Luca managed to save fuel.... and to regain the first position before the driver change.
Jourgen (Luca's teamate) went back on track in 3rd positiona and...
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Round 1 and 2 of the 2007 Asia Supercar Challenge

lunedì 26 marzo 2007· Others
After the promising last two races of the 2006 season, Luca joined MC Motors to race in the Asia Supercar Challenge.

Despite the efforts put by Luca by training all winter and being in perfect conditions for the Race, the team did not maintain his promises and did not do the Engine upgrade and did not change the gear ratios, therefore Luca was to start the season with almost 100Hrp less than the strongest competitor and almost 80 less than his teammate.

This did not discourage Luca from doing his best in first free practice where he could not do better than 4th time at 1 sec...
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Asia Supercar Challenge 16-17 December 2006

lunedì 26 marzo 2007· Others
Luca was invited to join MC Motors to drive in the last race of the Asia Supercar Challenge in December 17th and 18th in Zhuhai.

In race 1 Luca despite some ABS problems qualified 2nd out of 21 cars, unfortunately he missed the Pole by just one tenth of a second.

He started the race and was steadily having problems to the brakes and was forced to retire after a few laps.

In race 2 Luca did the qualifying with old tires while his teammate Luca Drudi and all the competitors had brand new slicks, even here despite the huge handicap Luca surprised even himself by...
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giovedì 23 novembre 2006· Others
Great debout for Luca in the BMS Scuderia Italia Aston Martin Db9.

Luca socred a clear win alongside with fellow driver Toni Seiler in the last race of teh Fia Gt series last week end in the lovley Dubai circuit.

The team did a great job giving Luca a great car that he drove at his best despite a very lil seat that was fit for former driver, Luca with cramps in both legs in really unconfortable postiiton made it a great week end and hopefully a new start for the next season maybe at the wheel of the BMS Aston Martin....!

Luca was really happy with the car that...
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ASTON MARTIN DB9 for final round of FIA GT in DUBAI

mercoledì 15 novembre 2006· Others
Luca will race this week end at the wheel of the prestigious Aston Martin DB9 of the many world title winner team BMS Scuderia Italia, for the final event of the Fia Gt Championship 2006.

Luca will compete in the Gt3 class, against other team-mate Aston and Ferrari 430, his team mate will be BMS and Aston driver Toni Seiler that thanks to his experience by running a Saleen (konrad) and winning the LMES championship 2005 will be the perfect partner for a good result.
Luca wants to thank his new sponsor Bomb Boogie for this opportunity and hopes to continue this partnership also in...
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sabato 16 settembre 2006· FIA GT3
Luca is at the wheel of the lovley Corvette Z06 of the team Carsport/Callaway, his intention is to have a frist try of what could be the his car for 2007.

After a few laps in wet conditions on friday first session he went faster and faster in the second one despite really worn and old tyres gaing the compliments of all the team members.
Today for the qualiyfing the rain started to fall 5 min before the session started, and despite Luca was feeling very confident on the car the three red lights and tooo mutch traffic kept him from performing one single lap, this is a big...
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Luca was invited by team MC Motors to compete in the we of the 4-6th of August in the second round of the Ferrari Challenge China Race.
This was Lucas finrs contact with the Shaghai International Circuit (now his hometrack!).
To the race also Lucas Ascari former teammates Aron Scott and Stuart Turvey where invited along with local star Matthew Marsh and Chinese Touring Championship front runner LU Gan.

After the Friday session where the teams had the chance to do passengers rides, Luca had the thanks to his team manager Mario Crugnola took some sponsors and ‘brave´ friends...
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mercoledì 2 agosto 2006· Others
Unfortunately or not so unfortunately!!
Luca has not raced last week end in the Ardennes legendary circuit, as he has been informed 3 days before the race that team Damax had some problems and had to make some changes on the drivers lineup, making it difficult for Luca to accept as his main objective this year was to compete for the title, but to now, he was able only to compete without problems in just one Race out of the 4 that have already disputed.
His good efforts in qualifying, being always among the fastest drivers of the series where not supported by the same luck in the...
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martedì 11 luglio 2006· Others
The Damax Ascari KZ1R has been the good surprise of this Championship. Even if nr 45 and nr 46 cars underwent problems at the beginning of the race, today it was the turn of the nr 47 Damax Ascari KZ1R, driven by Luca Pirri and Stuart Turvey, to shine. On the manufacturers podium for the second time, behind the Dodge Viper and the Ferrari, the Damax Ascari put in a great week-end, always fighting with the leaders. 'We are very happy with our performance, the potential of the car is great, and we will be able to have better results in...
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